Like our krewe’s namesake, the Ladies of Athena are known for being lovers of the arts, wise and courageous and are proud to promote a sense of community through sisterhood, service, fellowship, and fun. Under the pillar of “Service,” our Krewe launched the OWL INITIAITATIVE IN 2014. It is a program designed to inspiring young girls to be bold leaders of tomorrow. Under our Owl Initiative, we offer two exciting programs, the Debutante and Princess Programs.
Debutante Program
Goal: To formally present young ladies into society who are bold, poised and well-rounded. 
Sarasota/Manatee Post-Debutantes highlights just a fraction of those who have completed their educational endeavors, and are “breaking glass ceilings,” making their marks on professions, industries, and communities throughout the US and the world.   Regardless of a Debutante’s chosen path in life, she will forever have access to the network of our Post-Debutantes who can serve as mentors, friends and role models.  This relationship, with the benefits it affords, is like no other.
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Princess Program
Goal:  To work with girls to develop their confidence and character.
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Debutantes and Princesses are presented during our krewe’s signature ball. For more information regarding our OWL Initiative, please email